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Operating from Camolin, County Wexford. Kidd Lubricants are agents for Total Oils, Exol, Fina & Elf. We offer customers throughout Ireland a level of service satisfaction that is second to none and have done so for many years. We offer an experienced customer sales department with a dedicated sales team that can ensure that you are using the correct product for your specific application. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and invite new ones to experience for themselves the high level of service that we provide.We are very well known in Wexford for our top quality service, competitive pricing and our personal touch. To look at our range of products and services please feel free to visit our Products and Services page. With an ongoing commitment to quality and the environment we are teamed up with top quality 'like minded' Oil Partners that are also featured on this page.    
Developed in partnership with major manufacturers (Peugeot, CitroĆ«n) and meeting all the most stringent international standards (ACEA, API, SAE...), TOTAL oils protect engines from wear, transmit power and facilitate gear shifting. Confirming its desire to be the leader in the domain of lubricants with high technological content, the TOTAL brand markets innovative products specially designed for Saving fuel (Fuel Economy oils), protecting the environment (low Saps range) and enhancing your engine's perfromances. Join the race and make your engine an athlete of the road ! total    
exolExol Lubricants is the largest independent lubricants company in the UK. Manufacturing and supplying a range of lubricants and associated products to industry, agriculture, transport, automotive and garage sectors. Exol Lubricants is committed to total quality management from design to production, distribution and customer support. Throughout the company's history, product development has been at the forefront of lubrication technology. A comprehensive range of products has evolved through anticipating and exceeding the needs of the lubricant market. This kind of focus has inevitably led to strategic development of home and export markets. Exol Lubricants has a reputation for high quality products, flexible service, fast delivery and outstanding technical support. The future of Exol Lubricants is assured as the UK's largest Independent Lubricants Company committed to continued development of both its products and its customer services, Exol are committed to a programme of continuous product development to ensure that state of the art lubricants are available to all sectors of the lubricant market both now and at all times in the future.    
finaFINA is a brand of the Total Group. Respecting persons, safety and ecosystem protection is central to Total Lubrifiants' preoccupations. As a global player in the energy and chemicals industries, Total is fully engaged with these developments and issues. At Total Lubrifiants, sustainable development finds its application through Product Life-cycle Analysis. From manufacture to collection of used oils, our lubricants (TOTAL, FINA and ELF brands) are examined and monitored in terms of their environment impacts using ISO 14001 standard procedures. Environmental protection and sustainable development rank high among public concerns. TOTAL's awareness of these issues has led it to develop a range of biodegradable lubricants for use mainly in applications where product leak or accidental spill could cause a direct environmental impact (as in foresty and agriculture, mountain, water, public works and industry...) The main feature which makes these products unique is their ability to self distruct, leaving virtually no trace of pollution. Global warming, and to a broader extent fight against pollution, has led an automotive industry revolution. Carbon dioxide or exhaust gaz decreases are becoming first priority challenges. TOTAL Lubricants has been supporting this ecological trend from its very beginning and made numerous investments in Research and Development. Today the new generation of Low SAPS lubricants, compatible with post-treatment systems, is brought to market.    
ElfProposing products perfectly adapted to all motor technologies, ELF lubricants allow you to fully take advantage of the performances of your vehicle while slightly increasing its life span. This performance is reached by the oils of the ELF range after several years of research in the laboratories of the group. Each product is the result of multiple computer assisted simulations, of many laboratory tests and many tests under real conditions in partnership with the largest world manufacturers.    
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